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Wedding Tots


A wedding can be a long and tiring day for littles ones. At Wedding Tots we ensure we keep them occupied which in hand means the parents can relax and enjoy the  wedding  with no worries.
By having wedding tots to support you on your big day means peace of mind for yourself and all family members!

When attending a wedding we also love to support guest families, as we mentioned children can get bored and tired which  has an affect on one or both parents having to leave early.

About Our Services

Have you had some thoughts about childcare leading up to your wedding? You don’t want Granny missing the first dance as Abbie has fallen asleep upstairs or Auntie Nicola misses the bridesmaid photos as Sam needs a nappy change. A mobile creche is a fantastic, fun and exciting extra at your  wedding but isn’t always the best option if you only have your little ones to think about. A helping hand can go a long way. 
We will ensure that when you need time to get ready we will be taking care of your little treasure either going for a walk or keeping them entertained in the room. If your child needed a nappy change or nap up in the room, we are there with a nod from yourself or your new husband/wife to help along the way. We like to be an unnoticed guest at your wedding just making sure your child’s needs are met, they are present when they need to be for example photos, ceremony and cutting of the cake. But when they need care, cuddles or entertainment away from the main crowd we are on hand! We know children can find the wedding breakfast a little long and uninteresting that’s why we provide goodie bags for entertainment. 
We aim to meet all the families prior to the wedding but if time frames are short we will always carry out a video call to make sure your children have seen our friendly faces. Also it is great time to discuss your plans for the day, likes, dislikes, allergies, medical conditions and lots more! 
Please do not feel pressured to use your nanny for every minute of the day or feel we will take children away from you we are here to help not for you to have something else to organise or stress about. 
Anything can happen and children can react differently to normal when they feel overwhelmed with the excitement of the day, we are trained to deal with whatever situation comes our way in a professional manner. 

Our Packages

We offer a variety  of packages. Please do enquire if you have any  questions. 

We can tailor a package to suit all your needs! All packages come with tailored goody bags for your special little ones.

Helping Hands 

This is a service solely for the children of the bride and groom. We support with childcare from getting ready, photographs, the ceremony, wedding breakfast and putting them to bed at night. 

By having us there we ensure the smooth running  of  all your special moments with your equally special guests as we wouldn't want Granny missing your first dance!

We know you want to share your special day with your little  ones but we are here for a helping hand for all your needs.

Overnight care is available.

Wedding Guest

As a wedding guest you want to be able  to let your hair down and enjoy the day. with your family or friends.

Don't let childcare arrangements take you away from the fun of the day!  We can tailor the  care around your needs to ensure you don't miss those valuable moments or heartwarming speeches!

Packages -  

  • All day packages
  • Half day packages
  • Evening packages

Mobile Creche

We will be offering a mobile creche service for children up to the age of 10. A perfect addition to your wedding, it will ensure all the children are occupied and having an amazing time!

For the little ones natural toys and props will be available and for the older ones crafts and tech. Finishing off with  a beanbag popcorn movie night!

The creche can be available staffed or unstaffed.

Please  enquiry to get booked in.